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How to Pull Off the Mismatched Bridesmaids Look

By Catie-Reagan Palmore

Posted: 09/17/17
Category: Wedding Tips

A wedding trend that I adore is having each bridesmaid wear not only a different style dress, but also in a different color. We have all heard, seen, and experienced bridesmaid dress horror stories. Finding a dress that flatters each bridesmaid's differing body type, skin tone, and personal style is next to impossible. Mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses gives you freedom to let your creativity shine with a variety of silhouettes for your bridal party look. The key to nailing the mismatched look is to create a sense of cohesion while also expressing each woman's individuality.


Create a Common Theme

Whether it be matching hem lengths, a consistent color story, or common detail (such as a sweetheart neckling or hints of lace), there needs to be an element that ties all the dresses together.


Accessorize Less

Think of the dress as the leading lady and the accessories as supporting characters. Let the dress be the star by opting for understated jewelry and shoes. Minimal distractions will ensure that the dresses get the attention, rather than loud accessories making your bridesmaids look busy and distracting.


Mix Solids and Prints

A great way to tie together solid colors and prints are florals. Pay attention to texture. Lace, beading, and sequin embellishments can serve to enchance a very feminine vibe. Features such as patterns and draping can connect the dresses aesthetically while complementing individuality.


Shades of Color

Picking completely different colored dresses can be daunting. Consider dressing each bridesmaid in a different hue of your base wedding color. This will create an ombré effect as you stand in line with your bridesmaids. Neutrals give mismatched dresses a more cohesive appearance than any other color.


No Rules

If you are feeling brave like Carrie Bradshaw's first wedding to Big in Sex and the City, let your bridesmaids pick out their own dress that they will love and that accurately reflects their personality. Stunning bridesmaid dresses do not necessarily need a connection to one another. Mismatching allows you to create a look you adore and will be completely unique to your wedding vision.



Category: Wedding Tips

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