Real People Call.

Jada Parrish

We have decided to start this new program which is a model call except it is for everyday people! We are looking for real people, just like yourself, to help us with a few fun shoots! As a thank you for being our beautiful "models" we will share the photos with you! As much as we would love to photograph everyone, we can only do one of each of these shoots. Once you submit your photo, we will email you if you are chosen! We will be offering more of these opportunities throughout the year as new ideas come to us, so if you do not get chosen this time, there's always next time!

Polaroid Boudoir Shoot.

Description: We are looking for a confident woman to help us with a boudoir photo shoot side art project. We will shoot an entire boudoir shoot using polaroid film. Once we shoot the film, we will scan the shots into our computer, and edit them.

What you get: You get edited high-res images.

Please email us your picture and why you want this photo shoot.