Jada and David Parrish Jada and David Parrish Jada and David Parrish Jada and David Parrish Jada and David Parrish Jada and David Parrish Jada and David Parrish
About Us.

Hi guys!! Thanks for landing here. We are a married couple with a shared love of portrait photography. Our photography style is bold, timeless, and authentic. Whether it’s headshots, family photos, or boudoir - our posing techniques and unique style of interacting with clients, allows us to highlight your most flattering angles and capture genuine expressions. We’re all about clean edits, bold colors, and stunning black and whites that can last the test of time. 20 years from now we want you to be able to look back on these photos, have all the memories come flooding back, and feel just as happy as you were the day they were taken!

Here’s a few things you should probably know about us

  • We went to high school together, but never dated. We ran into each other at Three Monkey’s years later and that’s when the Jada + David story officially began.
  • Jada graduated with a degree in photography from UVA.
  • We love dogs - especially golden retrievers - and we treat our fur babies like real babies.
  • We have matching camera tattoos.
  • We only fight when we get hangry - but that’s normal right?

Our Passion Project: We have been on a journey exploring emotion through color and shape. This project has filled our life with so much creativity because we have intertwined two of our passions. David’s background is in lighting and set design and mine is in female portrait photography. We are developing a body of work filled with colorful female portraits on dynamic sets that we build in our Richmond, Va studio. Click here to see more!

Behind The Lens.
Richmond Engagement Portrait

Jada Parrish

Photographer. Book Worm. Splatter Painter.


Jada is the co-owner + photographer and boss lady for J&D. She’s been photo obsessed since a very young age and majored in photography at the University of Virginia. She loves sunshine, white wine, re-watching Gilmore Girls over and over again, and Golden Retrievers!

Richmond Engagement Portrait

David Parrish

Photographer. Programmer. Gearhead.


David is the co-owner, photographer, webmaster, and tech guru for J&D. From building our website to shooting weddings to purchasing the newest gear he pretty much does it all. Outside of work he loves cars, woodworking, and tattoos.