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7 Wedding Planning Mistakes You Didn't Know You Were Making

By Catie-Reagan Palmore

Posted: 09/07/17
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Having photographed over 150 weddings in our photography career, we have witnessed all of the possible mistakes, slip-ups, and blunders couples can make in the planning process. Learn from these past bride and groom's mistakes so that you won't unintentially make the same ones.


1. Not Planning Enough Time for Hair and Makeup

Hair and Makeup should be the glamorous, relaxing part of your big day. Consider having a mobile beauty service come to your venue to save time by not having to travel to and from their salon. Talk with your stylist berforehand so that you can make sure you're allowing yourself and your bridal party enough time to get ready before the ceremony. Usually it is best to plan for 20-45 minutes per person per service. Budgeting enough time so that you and your bridesmaids can enjoy getting ready together sets the tone for the day. Being rushed is the last thing you want to happen.


2. Distance Between Venues


As a general rule, don't make your guests travel any farther than necessary. Some guests may have flown in from other states, so the last thing they want to do is hop in the car to drive an hour from your ceremony venue to your reception venue. Definitely keep your guests' comfort and convenience in mind when making your selection.


3. Not Having a Separate Cocktail Hour

It is best to have a separate space for guests to congregate during cocktail hour while the bridal party is taking portraits so that the charm of your reception space doesn't wear off for your guests before you even step into the room. Also, you want to fully take in your beautiful wedding vision coming to life. You've spent so much time planning out your day, make sure you step inside your reception space to let it all soak in before your guests enter.


4. Too Many Band Breaks

Nothing kills a fun, dance vibe faster than the live music unexpectedly stopping. Since the band sets the tone of the party part of your reception, you want to keep it lively for as long as possible. Talk with your band before booking about how many breaks they will be taking. Strategically schedule breaks while guests are eating or during speeches. Some bands will even agree not to take any breaks at all for an additional fee.


5. Multiple Bars

Not having enough places for guests to refresh their drinks poses a problem especially for larger weddings. You don't want your guests standing in line for most of the night, so plan to offer multiple locations to try one of your signature cocktails.


6. Choosing the Wrong Ceremony Time

The ceremony time you choose greatly affects what your wedding photos are going to look like because they are usually taken immediately following the ceremony. If you want your photos to be filled with golden light make sure to schedule your ceremony about 1.5 - 2 hours before the sun is scheduled to set on your wedding day.


7. Not Hiring a Wedding Videographer

Hiring a photographer for your wedding is a given. Anyhow a lot of people consider hiring a videographer an afterthought or an unneeded expense. While photos can capture your contagious smile, they can't capture the inflections in your voice as you say your vows or the whispers of love your groom says into your ear. Video lets you see your father holding back tears as he gives you away. Videography lets you relive all of those once in a lifetime moments. 

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