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Five Reasons You Need Wedding Videography

By Catie-Reagan Palmore

Posted: 08/23/17
Category: Wedding Tips

Hiring a photographer for your wedding is a given. Anyhow a lot of people consider hiring a videographer an afterthought or an unneeded expense. We believe that budgeting for videography can make a huge difference in documenting your big day. Everything happens so quickly that it can be hard to absorb everything. Our wedding videography  team will capture every important moment so you won't miss a thing! Here are five reasons why booking wedding videography is totally worth it:


Photos Cannot Capture the Same Emotion Video Can

While photos can capture your contagious smile, they can't capture the inflections in your voice as you say your vows or the whispers of love your groom says into your ear. Video lets you see your father holding back tears as he gives you away. Relive what it felt like to have the first dance. Watch your maid of honor's face light up when she catches the wedding bouquet. Hear the soft, sweet voice of your niece singing at your reception.



Share with Others Who Could Not Attend

A wedding video is instantly shareable through social media or other means so those who did not attend can feel like they are apart of your love story. Whether it is a friend who lives far away so could not attend or your future children, having a wedding video allows them to experience this special day just as if they were there with you.



Experience the Moments You Did Not See

A lot of preparation and moments happen that are easily overlooked by the million other things distracting you on your wedding day. While you are busy getting ready with your bridesmaids or taking pictures with the wedding party, hundreds of little moments are happening that you miss. Experience how the other half of the wedding party spent the morning. See your guests' reaction to those decorations you spent so much time on. There is no denying that your wedding is a busy day. Our videography team will make sure that these moments do not become a blur in your memory.



It is a Time Capsule

While photos are beautiful, they stop time. The amazing aspect of videography is being able to see and hear your father choke up as he gives a toast at the reception. You can watch your nephew walk down the aisle as your ring bearer over and over again. As loved ones pass away, you're able to hear their laughter as you invite them onto the dance floor. Videography allows you to relive special moments with the ones you love.



Anniversary Tradition

Who wouldn't want their wedding turned into a movie? Grab some popcorn, cuddle up on the couch, and relive your special day each year on your anniversary. Your wedding video will serve as a great reminder why you love each other so much.




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