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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Book a Honeymoon Photoshoot

By Catie-Reagan Palmore

Posted: 12/01/17
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Consider taking an hour out of your honeymoon to capture gorgeous candid photographs of you and your new spouse against a stunning destination backdrop. It is not always easy to find people to snap a cute picture for your in romantic locations, mainly because others are honeymooners as well whom you don't want to disturb. Treasure these beautiful memories on professional film because you never know the quality of pictures clicked by a random passerby stranger. Your honeymoon will be your first newly wedded adventure so leave the selfie stick at home and hire a vacation photographer to capture this extraordinary trip of a lifetime.


1. Quality Over Quantity

Sure, you can snap millions of pictures on your iPhone, but smartphones lack the professional detailed quality that a professional photoshoot offers. Rest easy knowing that the photographs taken by a professional will come out with remarkable clarity. Rather than blurry pixelated self-timer images, enjoy flawless, crisp pictures that honor your honeymoon in a stunningly unique and artistic way. Quality photos are worthy of framing and won't be thrown away like a cheap souvenir.


2. Location, Location, Location

Since you've already booked your ticket to a picturesque location, why not utilize the opportunity to use this exotic local as the backdrop? Share your wild adventure with others by having a professional create a highlight reel of your honeymoon experience. The product will be a series of amazing, romantic images.


3. Be Present

Free yourself from hauling around camera equipment from excursion to excursion and avoid disrupting other honeymooners to take your picture. Hiring a professional photographer allows you to become completely immersed in your vacation. Selfies rarely look candid or natural. Be present in the moment and enjoy spending time with your new spouse without having to remember to take pictures.


4. Make Memories

Hiring a professional photographer for your wedding day is a given. While your wedding day holds memories you will never forget, I have found that most of my favorite memories involve travel. It is amazing to have a way to look back at pictures and relive the first memories you make as a married couple over and over again.


5. Have Fun

Photoshoots are undeniably fun! Photographers create opportunities for you both to laugh at yourselves and love on each other, which will come through in the photos. A good photographer doesn't make it feel like a production, but rather a fun event.

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