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Bare Your Skin | Bare Your Soul

By Carolyn Royce

Posted: 02/25/14
Category: Boudoir and Female Portraits

A boudoir shoot captures passion and intimacy, and is a unique expression of love from one partner to the other. This is a chance to celebrate you and all your semi-naked glory. You might be stepping outside of your comfort zone, and you have the distinct opportunity to benefit from putting yourself out there in a new and remarkable way. Boudoir can be an intimidating undertaking, but it is crucial you remind yourself that even the most gorgeous, seemingly flawless, and confident person you know is hesitant about stripping down to bare bones and posing in front of a camera.

As a yoga instructor and life enthusiast, I feel it is essential that each woman know that they are magnificent both inside and out. You are an exceptional expression of individuality, so use that inimitability to establish an intention for your boudoir shoot.

So how do you prepare to feel like your best you in the last few days leading up to your boudoir?


Establish a Comfort Zone

Determine the look and feel you are going for based on your unique relationship with your significant other. Identify what your partner finds alluring in the bedroom, then plan from there. Take note of what makes you feel sexy at home. There is no reason to change what makes you feel exceptional and wanted just because you are in front of a camera or based on what other people are doing. Your photo shoot will be more authentically you if you stay true to what makes you feel relaxed, comfortable, and sexy. If stepping outside of your comfort zone is thrilling, J&D Photography can help you brainstorm ways to do just that while stil staying true to you.

Bare Your Skin  Bare Your Soul - Image Property of www.j-dphoto.com


Start Simple

No need to resort to any irrational, life-changing, crash-dieting nonsense. Start more simply by applying positive, caring self-talk and self-love. You want to look beautiful, sexy, cute, stunning, gorgeous - you name it - the best way to express this outwardly is to cultivate those feelings from within. Your opinion is the one that matters most and you are beautiful just as you are. There is a reason that special someone would love to get their hands on boudoir photos of you, and it's most certainly because they love your body just the way it is. All a crash diet will bring you is low blood sugar and a short temper. Nobody wants that. That being said...

 Bare Your Skin  Bare Your Soul - Image Property of www.j-dphoto.com


Lift Yourself Up

Ladies, do yourself a favor: Each day when you look in the mirror isolate something you love and fight the instinct to uncover or fabricate flaws. Point the positive out. Emphasize the good. Love your lips? Wear a jaw-dropping color on them that brightens your entire face. Did you do a good deed for someone today? Your compassion and heart are admirable. If you have a short amount of time leading up to your boudoir, the best service to yourself is to isolate your strengths and honor them each day.

Bare Your Skin  Bare Your Soul - Image Property of www.j-dphoto.com Bare Your Skin  Bare Your Soul - Image Property of www.j-dphoto.com


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Category: Boudoir and Female Portraits

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