A Boudoir Shoot From My Perspective - Image Property of www.j-dphoto.com

A Boudoir Shoot From My Perspective

By David Parrish

Posted: 01/09/14

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What is a boudoir shoot to me? Well before I answer that question, let me first explain why I bring this up. Over the past few months I have discovered this wild trend of people wanting to do what is called a Boudoir Shoot. I noticed this not because I see it all over the internet but because our own website's statistics prove that there is a ton of interest in this area. Here are some statistics from the last three months on our website. 

A Boudoir Shoot From My Perspective - Image Property of www.j-dphoto.com

As you can see, the number one hit webpage on our website is a blog Jada wrote about Boudoir Shoots. Not only is it the number one hit page, it towers over all of the other pages.

Many people ask me what it's like being the guy in the room during a Boudoir Shoot. Friends sometimes joke that it is something sexual or that it must be weird to do. But to me neither of these thoughts are true. 

A Boudoir Shoot From My Perspective - Image Property of www.j-dphoto.com

One of the coolest parts of all of it is that each client is doing it for their own unique purpose. Some clients want to give the photos to their special someone, and others want to do it for themselves. For whatever reason, I think it is great for their own inner growth. It is a time for our clients to let go of all insecurities, relax, and forget about what the world says is pretty. They are able to push themselves way outside of their comfort zone while at the same time they are documenting their youthful beauty.

While our clients are going through their own experience, I am in my own little world. A world full of colors, gradients, and shapes. All artificial colors and brands are stripped away from our subject. We are left with nature's creation. It is a chance for us to push all of our skill sets and tools to their limits in a very controlled environment. The same exact body can be photographed, lit, and shaped hundreds and hundreds of different ways. It all just depends on how you capture a single moment. Each body, no matter its shape or size, tells its own story. Each curve reflects and refracts light molding the body into wonderful gradients.

So what is a Boudoir Shoot to me? In short, it is a time for a woman to let go and a time for me to create art.

 A Boudoir Shoot From My Perspective - Image Property of www.j-dphoto.com

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Category: Boudoir and Female Portraits

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Jada and David are very professional and friendly. I am normally pretty shy when it comes to getting my picture taken and they talked me through it and made me feel really comfortable. I would and will be going back to them for future photo shoots i plan to have! 100% recommended! ...”

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