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Tag: Health

BLOSSOM Plant + Fungi Wellness Virtual Tour
By David Parrish
We recently had the pleasure of working with BLOSSOM to create a virtual tour of their space. They carry a curated collection of products for health conscious and wellness seeking individuals. I spent about an hour in their shop taking this scan. I was so relaxed by the end of it. Their shop has this calming ...
Jada on Huffington Post Live
By David Parrish
 Check out Jada talking about boudoir photography on HuffPostLive. (4/14/14)   If the video won't work click here.   Check out some of our photos here! Click here to read the Huffington Post article!...
Sadhana Yoga School // Holly Zajur
By David Parrish
I am so very lucky to have a wonderful sister-in-law, Holly Zajur, that is currently on a journey of discovering her inner-self and spirtuality. It is quite an amazing journey to witness. I am so proud of her. Anyways, last week she came to me asking if I could help her create a video so that she could further her sp...
Bare Your Skin | Bare Your Soul
By Carolyn Royce
A boudoir shoot captures passion and intimacy, and is a unique expression of love from one partner to the other. This is a chance to celebrate you and all your semi-naked glory. You might be stepping outside of your comfort zone, and you have the distinct opportunity to benefit from putting yourself out there in a new and r...