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Children Mini Sessions  August 27th - Image Property of www.j-dphoto.com

Children Mini Sessions | August 27th

By David Parrish

Posted: 07/28/17
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Time is flying by and your little one is growing up faster than you ever could have imagined. Right?! That smile and those eyes! It's almost too cute to handle! You can never have enough photos of that sweet face and these precious moments. 

We are offering a handful of children mini sessions against our white backdrop Sunday, August 27th. Bring your youngster in and we will spend 15 minutes taking adorable photos of them playing, looking cute, and being their goofy selves! It's time to put the iphone down! We got this for you!


Price: $150



Sunday, August 27th 

  Slot TimeStatusPrice
Slot One 9:00 am OPEN $150.00
Slot Two 10:00 am BOOKED $150.00
Slot Three 11:00 am BOOKED $150.00
LUNCH 12:00 pm BOOKED  
Slot Four 1:00 pm BOOKED $150.00
Slot Five 2:00 pm OPEN $150.00
Slot Six 3:00 pm OPEN $150.00
Slot Seven 4:00 pm BOOKED $150.00
Slot Eight 5:00 pm BOOKED $150.00
Slot Nine 6:00 pm OPEN $150.00
Slot Ten 7:00 pm BOOKED $150.00


Children Mini Sessions  August 27th - Image Property of www.j-dphoto.com  Children Mini Sessions  August 27th - Image Property of www.j-dphoto.com


What you will get:

- 15 minute shoot

- One location (our studio)

- One backdrop (White)

- 5 edited images


How you book your shoot:

Send us an email with the slot you would like. If it is still open, we will send you a link to pay a small $25 deposit. Once the deposit is paid, your slot will be booked. 


Please note:

Each shoot is limited to one child. There is an additional $25 charge per child added. Up to three kids per shoot. There will be more images included per child added.



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