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The Teal Couch Mini Sessions

By David Parrish

Posted: 02/18/16
Category: News
Location: J&D Studio 20/20

Get your updated family photo, couples photo, or professional selfie done early this year! We are offering quick 20 minute "mini sessions" on our teal couch on March 12, 2016. Pop-in, say hi, and get your pictures taken. Have the hippest profile picture on your block from our new studio, all for only $150.00. This is your chance to get a piece of J&D Photo's work for a low price! 


  Slot TimeStatusPrice
Slot One 8:00 am BOOKED $150.00
Slot Two 9:00 am BOOKED $150.00
Slot Three 10:00 am BOOKED $150.00
Slot Four 11:00 am BOOKED $150.00
Slot Five 12:00 pm BOOKED $150.00
Slot Six 1:00 pm BOOKED $150.00
Slot Seven 2:00 pm BOOKED $150.00
Slot Eight 3:00 pm BOOKED $150.00
Slot Nine 4:00 pm BOOKED $150.00
Slot Ten 5:00 pm OPEN $150.00


What you will get:

- 20 minute shoot

- One location (our studio)

- 8 edited images


How you book your shoot:

Send us an email with the slot you would like. If it is still open, we will send you a link to pay a small $25 deposit. Once the deposit is paid, your slot will be booked. 


Please note: Each shoot is limited to groups of five or less. 

Category: News

Location: J&D Studio 20/20

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