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We're Moving Again!

By Jada Parrish

Posted: 02/08/19

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We only moved into our Jackson Ward studio a year ago, but an opportunity for a brand new space presented itself that we couldn't pass up - So, we're moving again!

Our previous two studios have been very "Richmond." They've been in buildings that were over 100 years old located in the heart of the city with exposed brick walls. We decided it was time to change things up a little. Our new studio is a new construction with a view of a swimming pool and the Richmond skyline. It's totally different, but we love it!


Were Moving Again - Image Property of www.j-dphoto.com


You may have noticed that we have changed up some of the packages on our website - primarily the headshot + boudoir packages - that's because for about a month and a half we are going to be "studio-less." But don't worry, starting at the beginning of April all of our packages will be back to normal!

We're using this as an opportunity to do some spring cleaning and are selling all of our furniture so we can start fresh in the new studio.

We'll keep sharing more throughout the coming weeks!

Life Update! It has been an amazing 10 years of photographing portraits of all kinds in RVA! It was an amazing chapter in our lives, and we are ready to move on to the next. We will be shifting our business to solely focus on our commercial and editorial photography work, and unfortunately that means we will no longer be accepting bookings for our other photography services. Thank you for being on this journey with us and trusting us to document so many meaningful moments. You can check out our new work by heading to jadaanddavid.com or following us on instagram @jadaanddavid.

Jada + David

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