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The Thirty Best Things About David

By Jada Parrish

Posted: 01/19/18
Category: Personal

At this point its probably no surprise that I am absolutely head over heels in love with my crazy husband. I am naturally an overly emotional person - even in every day life - but it really comes out in full force on holidays. And today is a very special one! Today is David's 30th birthday!!

We have laughed and talked and joked about this day for a while now. When you're in your teens and early twenties 30 seems so far off. But now that it's here, I don't think 30 has ever looked so good. I could not be prouder of the man David has become. Even in just the past seven years we have been together, I have seen him mature and evolve so much. He is world's apart from the quiet boy I knew in high school.

He makes my life infinitely better in so many ways. I cannot imagine this world without him.

There's so much I love about him and so much I want to celebrate today, but here are 30 of my favorite things about David!


1. He has the cutest dimples

2. He'll try any type of food once

3. He loves to sleep in

4. He can make a mean steak

5. He surpises me constantly

6. He's as obsessed (arguably even more obsessed) with golden retreivers as I am

7. He loves to try new restaurants

8. He's passionate about so many things (photography, cars, woodworking, etc.)

9. He solves any problem he's faced with

10. He never gives up

11. He takes the dogs out in the morning and lets me sleep in

12. He lets me have control of the TV

13. He is incredibly loving and considerate to all of his family and friends

14. He dreams bigger than anyone I have ever met

15. He's nicer than me and makes me want to be a better person

16. He pushes me so far out of my comfort zone

17. He smells so good

18. He is so creative and always finds beauty in the smallest details

19. He has great taste in music, clothes, food, and furniture

20. He's so random - he'll do things like dye his hair blue on a Wednesday night

21. He takes pride in everything he does and always goes above and beyond

22. He loves my family just as much as he loves his own

23. He pretty much does all of the driving because he knows I hate it

24. He thinks outside the box in pretty much every way possible - his mind never ceases to surprise me

25. He does really goofy dances when no one else is around

26. He's the perfect mix of refined and casual

27. He has a strong appreciation for art and design

28. When he gets drunk he gets even funnier and tells me a he loves me a million times

29. He knows how to do so many things - fix cars, build furniture, sew, lay tile, cook, you name it he can do it!

30. He makes me feel so special and loved every single day



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