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Pros & Cons of Doing a First Look

By Jada Parrish

Posted: 08/30/13

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To do a first look or not to do a first look? That is the question. Recently first looks have become a very popular trend at weddings. For those of you who don't know, a first look is when the Bride and Groom see each other before the ceremony. Usually the only people present at the first look are the Bride, Groom, and photographers. A first look is an extremely special moment to photograph because you get to capture the reaction on the Groom's face as he sees his Bride in her wedding dress for the first time. It is such an intimate moment that is usually filled with smiles, tears, kisses, and excitement. 

But the question is should you do a first look? Is it worth spoiling the surprise of him seeing you for the first time as you are walking down the aisle? Here are our thoughts:



Pros  Cons of Doing a First Look - Image Property of

This photo was taken at a wedding we recently photographed at the Historic Monumental Church in Richmond, Virginia.


  • You will have a series of photographs that you can treasure for the rest of your life
  • It is a moment that you will never forget
  • It can help make walking down the aisle a little less nerve-racking
  • It will allow you to take more family photos and wedding party photos before the ceremony, so that you can get to your reception faster
  • You get to spend a few minutes alone on a day when everyone is fighting for your attention



Pros  Cons of Doing a First Look - Image Property of

This photo was taken at a wedding we photographed in Doswell, Virginia.


  • It can take some of the excitement out of walking down the aisle
  • There is a lot of supersistion about the Groom seeing the Bride before the wedding which may upset some family members
  • Sometimes more REAL emotions come out when the Groom sees the Bride while standing infront of friends and family minutes before saying "I Do"


Alternatives to a First Look:

There are so many different ways to share a special moment with your Groom before the ceremony without him actually seeing you in your wedding dress. You might consider writing each other private notes that you both read right before the ceremony starts. Holding hands around the corner of a wall is another great option and can make for some very intimate photographs. 

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