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Top Wedding Photographer in Virginia 2016 - Image Property of www.j-dphoto.com

Top Wedding Photographer in Virginia 2016

By David Parrish

Posted: 01/11/16
Category: Wedding Tips

Doing what you love requires a lot of focus and hard work. Jada and I wake up every morning, turn on our computers, and focus on building our dream. J&D Photography is our baby and every ounce of our love lives within it. Throughout the process we are able to work with so many amazing people. They allow us into their lives and trust us with documenting their most special moments. Moments that future generations will look back on and say "look how happy great grandma was."

Fulfilling our services and receiving thanks from our clients keeps us going. That and an occasional sushi meal is enough for me. Seeing our clients so happy with the product we give them motivates me to keep working on J&D and my skills. With all that said, sometimes life hands you little rewards and additional reasons to feel happy and congratulate yourself on countless hours of work. 


Top Wedding Photographer in Virginia 2016 - Image Property of www.j-dphoto.com 

This year we welcomed the new year with three little badges of honors. I told Jada they make me feel like a boy scout. We had the honor of being  voted best in Richmond in four categories (Best Bridal Portraits, Best Engagement Photographers, Best Wedding Day Videography, and Best Wedding Day Photography) in Richmond Bride Magazine's A List Vendors.

One of our weddings was also featured in this month's Virginia Living Magazine, and we were selected to be on their top wedding vendor list for 2016. 

Lastly we received a little reward from WeddingWire which they call their Couples Choice Award.

Neither Jada nor I do what we do for these badges, but they sure do make you feel great inside. I am so happy that we have figured out how to do what we love for a living. I am especially happy that I get to do it with my best pal Jada. We want to thank every client that we have had over the years. Without you J&D Photography would just be J&D (still really cool just not as cool!). We love you all and promise to keep working on our skills so that you will always have the best photographs to pass onto the future generations of your families. 



David Parrish


Category: Wedding Tips

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