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Getaway Car Ideas

By Catie-Reagan Palmore

Posted: 12/11/17
Category: Wedding Tips

A lot of times the getaway car ends up being booked at the last minute or as an afterthought. Since the traditional "Just Married" sign with tin cans bobbing along the pavement is a safe option, why not step up your getaway game? Picture your sparkler send off; confetti swirls around you while your guests smile and cheer as you hug the side of your new spouse. What do you envision awaiting you at the end of the sidewalk? Depending on your venue and the time of day, there are a range of options. Whether a friend or relative lets you borrow a hot ride or you book with a valet company, make your getaway something magical that you'll never forget! Here are a few ideas:


Horse-Drawn Carriage

For the old-fashioned couple, ride off into a new century with a beautiful horse-drawn carriage.



Classicly chic, a limo is a sophisticated option to leave the party in style.

Getaway Car Ideas - Image Property of www.j-dphoto.com



Feel like you're in the Mediterranean as you zoom away on your vespa.



For the badass couple, make a quick dash for your new future together.



Trolley's are always a fun option to ride off into the sunset.

Getaway Car Ideas - Image Property of www.j-dphoto.com


Tandem Bicycle

A bike built for two is a must for a casual afternoon ceremony.


Antique Car

Nothing is cooler than an antique car. There are many companies that let you rent the car of your dreams hassle free.

Getaway Car Ideas - Image Property of www.j-dphoto.com


Golf Cart

A decorated golf cart with streamers, flower garland, or colorful netting is an adorable way to drive off into your happily ever after.


Elephant, Camel, or Horse

If you're looking for something a little unexpected, try riding off on an elephant or camel. This will be sure to make a statement.

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Dog Sled

Sled away into a winter wonderland with a trail of adorable pups leadingthe way.


Double-Decker Bus

Urban city chic weddings call for a double-decker bus!



Perfect for a rustic wedding, make a sweet southern getaway on the back of a tractor.



For a 007 getaway, make a dramatic exit into the clouds with a helicopter.


Boat or Canoe

This is the perfect getaway option if you are tying the knot near a lake or river. Plus, the sunset reflecting onto the water will make for stunning photos.

Getaway Car Ideas - Image Property of www.j-dphoto.com


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