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5 Must Have Getting Ready Wedding Accessories

By David Parrish

Posted: 01/05/18
Category: Wedding Tips

Getting ready photos are always some of my favorites! There's a few getting ready accessories every bride needs to get the big day off to the right start and make your photos look even better! 


Mrs. Box

These are so cute, and are the perfect way to display your bling! These plush velvet ring boxes come in almost every color imaginable, so you can even get it in your wedding color. The always give you the option to get it monogramed. 


Wedding Dress Hanger

A gorgeous dress deserves a gorgeous hanger. Opt for a personalized hanger with your new last name, a vintage metal hanger, or a classic silk blush hanger.


Matching Robes or Shirts

Having a cute shot of all of your bridesmaids in matching robes or cute button down shirts is a must! You can get so creative with these my including funky patters, bright colors, and texture.


Getting Ready Playlist

This one is crucial! Make sure you start the day right by dancing to your favorite songs with  all of your besties. This is a great way to get the energy up and start the celebrating with your friends.


Custom Champagne Glasses

These look so cute in photos! Mimosas are always a must when you are getting ready with your best girls - especailly because the process usually starts in the morning. Purchase some custom glasses as a surprise for your bridesmaids. Consider getting their names on them or opt for some that day "bridesmaid."

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Category: Wedding Tips

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