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Five Reasons to Have Boudoir Photos Taken for Yourself

By Catie-Reagan Palmore

Posted: 08/30/17
Category: Boudoir and Female Portraits

You don't need a significant other to book a boudoir shoot. Boudoir shoots are all about celebrating your femininity and feeling confident. While these photos can make a great gift to your groom, we encourage you to really think about why you want these photos taken. It's an empowering experience and a chance to celebrate your individuality. Here are a few reasons why you should consider this amazing opportunity:


Great Gift to Yourself

Session after session, we see women leaving their boudoir shoot feeling empowered and confident. Give yourself the gift of a self esteem boost! Treat yourself to getting pampered with new lingeire and professional makeup.


Shopping Excuse

Women tend to settle for the same old bra that doesn't fit all that great because carving out time for ourselves sometimes feels impossible. Use this as an excuse to take yourself shopping and buy the absolute best fitting lingerie that will last you for years to come.


Bond with Your Girlfriends

Nothing's more fun than hanging out with your best friends! Why not book a boudoir shoot together? Take turns in front of the camera while the other offers words of encouragement. Having your best friend at your shoot with not only make you feel more comfortable, but it will also be a fun bonding experience.


Celebrate a Milestone

Maybe you've just had a baby, lost a ton of weight, or have an upcoming anniversary. Document this amazing time in your life and celebrate your successes!


Realizing You are Enough

It's time to accept that you are wonderfully made just the way you are right now. Not once you lose a few pounds or your hair grows out. You are beautiful at this stage of your life and there is no reason to hide.




Category: Boudoir and Female Portraits

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