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How to successfully work with your significant other

By Jada Parrish

Posted: 03/09/15
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People are constantly amazed that David and I work together. They usually comment saying how cool that is, but that there is no way they would ever be able to do that themselves. In this industry working with your significant other is surprisingly common, and I think there is something really special about it. Who can relate to a bride and groom better than a couple who has been through it all themselves?

Working together as a husband and a wife can be a pretty big feat. It definitely takes a little work, mutual respect, and patience. I don't think there is any right or wrong way to go about it. You just have to find the right balance that works for you. Here are a few tips that I think are a good foundation to build upon any working relationship.


How to successfully work with your significant other - Image Property of www.j-dphoto.com 


1. Equal Footing

First establish what kind of working relationship you are going to have. Is one of you going to be the boss and have the final say or is it more of a 50/50 thing? For us it is completely 50/50. We never act on anything unless both of us are in agreement. It's both of our business, so both of our opinions are always valid. We never make big decisions without reaching a consensus first.


2. Respect

This one is huge. No matter what your working relationship is like there always needs to be a huge level of mutual respect. Listen to each others ideas and feedback, try to find compromises. Working together can sometimes drive you a little crazy, but at the end of the day you always have to remember that you love this person no matter what, and you have to treat them with the respect they deserve.


3. Play to your strengths

David and I have found this tip to be very useful. We pretty much live our entire married life this way. David and I are very different people -- our brains function and problem solve completely differently. So with that said, we have David Jobs and Jada Jobs. David handles the finances, the gear, and anything tech or website related. He is more the backend guy and I am more the frontend. I handle most of the client emails, phone calls, social media, and editing. Defining our responsibilities and playing to our strengths has helped us tremendously.


How to successfully work with your significant other - Image Property of www.j-dphoto.com


4. Go on dates

When you are as passionate about your work as we are, it is easy for your work life to become your whole life. I think that starts to happen whenever you do anything you really love. Make sure you take time to go on dates a few times a month and have a few completely work free evenings. 


5. Keep your own to-do list

This is something David and I struggle with, but we keep working on it. When you work with your significant other, it can be easy to project your stress onto your partner. At the beginning of each week or each day (whatever works best for you) sit down and make to-do lists together. Take the divide and conquer mentality. That way you know what's on each others plates for the week without having to stress each other out.


6. Constructive criticism

No one is perfect. Everyone has skillsets that they need to work on. Both of you represent your business, so if you notice your significant other struggling in an area be sure to offer up some constructive criticism. You both have to be willing to accept a little feedback. The most important thing is to do this with love.  You never want to belittle your significant other, just encourage them to be the best they can be.


7. Set goals

Communicating and staying on the same page is essential to a working relationship. Have an open dialogue with each other, and every few months reevaluate things. Set short and longterm goals together so you both have a clear idea what you are working towards. 


Hope these tips help! If you have any tips of your own, be sure to comment below. 



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