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Newborn Shoot FAQ

By Catie-Reagan Palmore

Posted: 08/22/17

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Precious photos of your newborn posed in baskets or swaddled in pink or blue blankets may not be on your radar during pregnancy. However, it is important to book your newborn shoot sooner rather than later as many of the poses you see on Pinterest are only possible during the first weeks of life. These photographs will serve as cherished memories of your baby's first moments of life that will be treasured for years to come.


What is the Ideal Age for a Newborn Shoot?

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The age of your baby can be the make or break between what type of poses the baby can be positioned in. All babies are different, however generally speaking it is best to schedule the shoot during the first two weeks of life. Five to ten days after birth is the ideal age since he/she will most likely be able to curl into womb-like poses, not mind being naked, and stay asleep longer. Babies who are less than five-days-old might produce issues around their feeding schedules. Similarly, babies older than ten days can be quite jittery, which creates problems with keeping them in poses.


How Long Does a Session Last?

A typical newborn shoot lasts about 1 hour. We take a mixture of photos of the baby by itself, the entire faily together, and some sweet shots of each parent holding their little one. Our newborn shoots are about the connection between baby, mommy, and daddy.  We make sure to take sweet photos of your little one sleeping and looking adorable, as well as capture natural, authentic moments of all of you enjoying your family time that convey a deep sense of love and emotion. We want to capture real, intimate moments that document who you are as a family in these first beginning stages.


What Do I Need to Bring to the Shoot?

As far as clothing goes, most newborn shoots are done unclothed, but you are encouraged to bring any outfits you want. Many parents like to include a cute hat for the baby to wear. A pacifier to soothe the baby in between poses is always a good idea. Likewise, it's great to have a bottle with formula or breast milk on hand in case the baby gets hungry. If you plan on having your baby unclothed,  make sure to load up on wipes as accidents happen. For shots of details, we suggest bringing baby shoes, a stuffed animal, or a children's book.


Should the Parents be a part of the Shoot?

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Parents are always encouraged to be apart of the newborn shoot! We love taking pictures of parents holding their baby. Showcasing real, authentic moments that show the connection between you and your little one is what we love most!


What Happens if my Baby Does Not Arrive on Their Due Date?

We suggest scheduling newborn sessions a week after the mother's due date. Nevertheless, babies tend to arrive on their own time so we try to leave room in our schedule to make adjustments to shoot dates once the baby is born. It is best to call once the baby is born if you need to alter the date of the session.


Where Will the Shoot Take Place?

Most newborn shoots take place in your home although we can take them in our studio as well. Photographing in your baby's nursery makes the photos more personal and intimate. Plan the shoot when the nursery has the best natural light. Also, it is important to be mindful of the room temperature as babies chill easily.

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