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Review: 6 Months With Lowepro's Sling Bag

By David Parrish

Posted: 12/08/14

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I bought this bag six months ago when I was looking for a bag that I could carry throughout a wedding. I did not have a giant budget for a bag, and I wanted it to be big enough for a few lenses and for some my spare accessories. This bag has done it's job for the past six months, and I have really enjoyed it.  While I think this would be a great bag for someone traveling, like it is advertised to do, I am going to be upgrading over the winter for next wedding season.  Link to Bag


Things I Like!

Awesome Size:

This bag does everything I need it to and more when it comes to size for photographing weddings. I can fit in a few spare lenses, batteries, memory cards, and a back-up flash.


Great Price:

This bag is super inexpensive. Last time I checked it is only $29.99! 


Love the little pockets inside:

The little pockets inside are great. I store my back up cards in the tiny card holder and extra batteries for our cameras in the other two pockets. They are just enough space for what I need and help keep me organized. 


They look cool:

They have a somewhat stylish look to them. They look just fine with a dress shirt and some slacks. 

Review 6 Months With Lowepros Sling Bag - Image Property of

Things I Would Change:

Needs a better zipper: 

My zipper string started to come off about 3 month into using this bag. The zipper is still completely functional, but the continuous zipping and unzipping of the bag weakened the string. I ended up using a zip-tie in place of the string. 


Side pockets are useless for me:

Small pockets are everything for me when it comes to a great bag. I love to store all of my spare batteries, filters, and other misc. accessories in them. This bag's side pockets have no zipper on them. This makes me very nervous storing anything important to me. I end up storing a shot list and a pen in such a large space. 


Shoulder pad can become uncomfortable:

I often wonder if I over pack my bag. That might be the case. But the shoulder pad can become very uncomfortable to me. I wish there was a little more padding in it.


Foam insert eats accessories: 

I seem to always be losing spare parts under the foam insert designed for the lenses. I know it is designed to fold for travel, but it would be great if there was some velcro on the underside to prevent this issue.

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