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My Search for the Perfect Wedding Photography Shoe Rothys - Image Property of www.j-dphoto.com

My Search for the Perfect Wedding Photography Shoe Rothys

By Jada Parrish

Posted: 03/23/20
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Just call me Cinderella. I'm on a mission to find that magical glass slipper...or in this case the perfect wedding day photography shoe. But honestly, I think they are just as hard to find! Finding the perfect wedding day photography shoe that fits like a glove and feels great has been an ongoing struggle! I have been photographing weddings for 6 + years, and I still have not discovered my dream shoe. Here is what I am looking for!


1. Comfort

For me comfort is the absolute most important thing. During a wedding day I am on my feet for about 10 hours constantly moving. Having blisters or sore feet is so miserable, so comfort has to be my biggest priority. 

2. Style

I dress up a little on wedding days to blend in with the guests. I always try to look somewhat stylish and put together, so finding a sleek shoe is a major bonus.

3. Durability

I need these babies to last! Sometimes on a wedding day I'm stuck standing in the pouring rain or trekking through grass fields. I need shoes that can withstand the elements!


It has been nearly impossible to find a shoe that meets all of the criteria! Recently a lot of people have been mentioning Rothy's to me. They are supposed to be super comfy and they are machine washable -- so major bonus points there! While I don't think they are the most stylish shoes in the world, they are decent. I've been considering pulling the trigger... 


So what's been holding me back?

The price

Rothy's aren't cheap! $165 for a pair of black flats made from used water bottles seems a little crazy to me. But people are raving about these shoes. I'm skeptical, but I'm ok with the price point if they really are as good as people say.



There are so many mixed reviews about Rothy's sizing. On their website it tells you to go a full size up. I don't know if I totally believe that. A few of my friends have said they only went up a half size and that was perfect. One of my friends said she just ordered her normal size and that fit fine. So, I'm really confused on which size to get!! These shoes are expensive, so I don't want to get the sizing wrong. I know I can exchange them for a different size if I need to, but that is a hassle and takes time. I really don't understand why they can't just follow normal shoe sizes...but whatever. 


What did I decide?

My Search for the Perfect Wedding Photography Shoe Rothys - Image Property of www.j-dphoto.com

I'm going to order a pair in my normal size. I have narrow feet and usually wear either a 6.5 or a 7. I'm going to order a 7 and see what I think. My friend also sent me a $20 off code, so that will bring the price down a little. I'll let you know what I think when they arrive!


I ordered the shoes and then a few days later received this email...

My Search for the Perfect Wedding Photography Shoe Rothys - Image Property of www.j-dphoto.com

So now I am feeling a little frustrated.

These shoes are now expected to arrive 14 days later than what was originally expected...so it will take me about a month to get these. The size I ordered said it was in stock. Had I known it would take this long to get the shoes, I probably would not have ordered them. Wedding season is going to be over by the time they get here...but now we wait and see if these really are worth the wait. I'm feeling very skeptical at the moment.


The shoes finally came.

When my shoes finally came, I was so excited to try them on. But to my great disappointment, they were too small. UGH! I needed at 7.5 -- I never wear a 7.5 unless it's boots, so Rothy's definitely do run small. 


The exchange process.

The exchange process was actually super easy though. I went on their website and filled out the exchange form. Unfortunately, the black color I wanted was out of stock in a 7.5 - so frustrating! I decided to go with the Mocha loafer in a 7.5.

Rothy's gave me the option to mail the shoes back or drop them off at one of their "exchange partners" stores.

I took the shoes to World Market, which was the closest exchange location, and just dropped them off at the exchange counter. They scanned a barcode on my phone, and that was that. 


The shoes got delivered again.

The 7.5 fit perfectly. When I first put them on, I was surprised by how comfortable the shoes were. They perfectly hugged my foot, and I was so excited to wear them out.


Wearing the shoes.

The first time I wore the shoes was to an engagement shoot at Maymont Park, which is a large park that involves a lot of walking. Based on what others had said, I expected the shoes to be completely comfortable even from the first wear. WRONG. I got so many blisters! I am so glad I did not wear these shoes for the first time at a wedding. I don't think I would have survived.

After my blisters healed, I only wore the shoes in short spurts where I knew there would not be a lot of walking involved. Eventually they broke in, and I am now able to wear them for long periods of time; however, I do still get the occasional blister. And because of that, I have never worn them to a wedding.



These shoes are ok. Definitely not worth all the hype they have gotten. I have many other pairs of shoes that I prefer over these in terms of both looks and comfort. I do like them though and wear them regularly but never to a wedding, and I definitely will not be purchasing another pair.



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