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Instagram Help: Make Hashtags Work

Broken Instagram Hashtags

By David Parrish

Posted: 02/24/15
Category: Photography Tips

We recently started to build a new boudoir blog for ourselves and it needed an instagram account. We quickly realized that none of our hashtags were working! #OMG it was the end of the world I know!

I searched and searched the internet to try and find a fix. Then, thankfully, I figured it out. For some reason there are a few broken hashtags. If you use just one of these hashtags in a single post, it makes all the other hashtags broken as well. Here is a list of some broken hashtags that I have discovered.

  • #instagram
  • #photography
  • #lingerie
  • #love
  • #popular
  • #IG
  • #iPhone
(If you discover anymore please comment below)


How to fix an already broken post?

Step 1) Edit your description and delete all hashtags. 

Step 2) Go back and comment new hashtags. Make sure you do not use any broken hashes. 


Good luck!







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