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Absolute Must Have Travel Accessories For a European Vacay - Image Property of www.j-dphoto.com

Absolute Must Have Travel Accessories For a European Vacay

By Jada Parrish

Posted: 01/27/20
Category: Travel
Location: Barcelona

We're back from Spain and my brain is still in travel mode! Traveling can be exhausting, but it's something I feel I get better with each trip. Whenever I get back from a trip I try to regroup and think about any issues that arose, things I wish I packed, etc and jot them down so I don't make the same mistake again next time. 

So whether you are gearing up to pack for your honeymoon, a girls weekend, or a family vacay --- these are my must-have travel accessories! They are life savers!


Absolute Must Have Travel Accessories For a European Vacay - Image Property of www.j-dphoto.com 


A travel-size blow dryer

This will save you so much room + weight in your suitcase. I have broken way one too many blow dryers while traveling abroad - even with the outlet converter. If traveling in Europe, I recommend buying a European blow dryer to make life easier.


Outlet converter with USB plug

All you really need is 1 good outlet converter. Get one that has a built in USB plug, and it will make your life that much easier.


Packing Cubes

These packing cubes will help keep you organized when packing and save you space in your suitcase.


Wet/Dry Bag

This is a must! When traveling in the summer, wet bathing suits + dry clothes don't mix. Or sometimes unexpected rain can leave you soaked. Keep a wet/dry bag on hand when traveling to ensure all of your clothes stay dry while traveling between locations. Our studio neighbor, Beego Handmade makes the cutest wet/dry bags!


Microfiber Towel

If staying at hostels or Airbnb's, you need this! So many hostels charge you for towels -- and how clean are those really? And often Airbnb's don't provide you with enough towels to last your entire stay. This travel size microfiber towel takes up minimal room and ensures you are prepared.


Dry Shampoo

Sometimes bathrooms are tiny and sometimes you are constantly on the go. I like washing my hair as little as possible while traveling, so dry shampoo is a necessity! And this one from Aveda smells so good!


Travel Purse/Wallet

This is so important! Pickpocketing is a huge problem for tourists in many European countries. Get yourself a travel purse or wallet  to prevent this! I used this one by Travelon while traveling in Spain and LOVED it. Its slash resistant, RFID protected, water-proof, and locking zippers. It protected my valuables and was also stylish and functional. And here is the wallet David got. It is RFID blocking and he wore it on the inside of his belt buckle.


Luggage Scale

Airlines charge a fortune when you exceed the weight limit. Keep a luggage scale in your suitcase to prevent this from happening!


Travel Pillow

Yes, the u-shaped pillows people use on airplane are great, but you should also pack an emergency travel pillow. The last Airbnb we stayed at only had 1 pillow per person - not cool. Keep this on hand to ensure you sleep well no matter what the situation.


Travel Toiletry Bag

This will keep you organized! This is the travel toiletry bag I have, and I absolutely love it. It holds to much, hangs from anywhere, and helps me keep all my essentials in one spot.


Comfy Travel Outfit

You're on a plane for 6+ hours. Make sure to wear something super comfy! I am also weird about germs when traveling, so I never like to wear anything that I plan to wear during the trip - I know, I'm strange. I have a bunch of pairs of these leggings and LOVE them. They are so comfy and at only $14, you can have as many pairs are you want.


Chunky Socks

I don't like to walk around hotel rooms on Airbnbs with bare feet. Packing slippers takes up too much room, so I always make sure to pack a few pairs of chunky socks to lounge in.


Comfy Shoes

When traveling in Europe, I recommend taking 1 pair of flats - Check out these Allbirds, 1 pair of sandals, and 1 pair of boots. The boots are crucial in case it starts to rain, so don't skimp on those! Only bring shoes that are tried and true because you will be walking quite a bit!



Sometimes jet lag can cause issues when trying to get a good night's sleep. Always pack melatonin to be sure you can sleep through the night no matter what the situation.


Medicine Bag

The medicines overseas are differerent. I always make sure to pack every medicine I could possibly need, and that came in handy several times this trip. I usually make sure to pack Tylenol, Benadryl, Imodium, Tums, Gas-X, Pepto Bismol, Emergen-C, NyQuil/DayQuil, and Mucinex. It's better to be prepared than to be sorry.


Refillable Cosmetics Bottles

I've wasted too much money buying travel size versions of my toiletries. Just get these refillable bottles and you can use them over and over again.


Travel Blanket

I use this travel blanket on the airplane and it has also come in handy at several Airbnbs when I wanted to curl up on the couch and take a nap.


Wet Wipes + Hand Sanitizer

I guess I am somewhat of a germ freak? Use wet wipes to wipe down your seat, TV, and dining tray on the airplane. And make sure to have hand sanitizer with you throughout the entire trip.


Travel Credit Card

If you use a normal debit card overseas you will be charged a small transaction fee on every purchase you make, but that adds up! Make sure to bring a travel credit card that does not charge any fees. We use the Chase Sapphire. It also gives you great travel points!


TRTL Pillow

I will be buying this for our trip to Italy in May. I saw so many people using this on the plane and the TRTL pillow and looked super comfy. It also takes up much less space than the traditional neck pillows.


Travel Backpack

I use this Herschel backpack as my carry-on and LOVE it. It has so much space, beautifully organized compartments, and can fit on your luggage. It can also double as a great day pack if you go on any hiking excursions.


Quality Luggage

David's suitcase broke during our trip to Spain. One of the wheels fell off due to mishandling at the airport. Luckily this happened on our way home, but it made me realize we need better luggage. After reading lots of reviews and comparing price points, we have decided to purchase 2 medium size luggage pieces from Away.

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