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Why We Created New Mini Packages

By Jada Parrish

Posted: 08/16/18
Category: News

 David loves business TV shows - Shark Tank, The Profit, Undercover Boss - he loves them all! He's been watching alot of The Profit lately and Marcus Lemonis is a big fan of the good, better, best pricing model. David really took that to heart and wanted to make sure we had a package options that could fit everyones budget.

We have always had a Standard Package and a Plus Package for all of our services, but we recently added on a Mini option as well!

Now we have a Mini, Standard, and Plus package available to every type of shoot we offer (family, maternity, engagements, etc). The price for reach package varies based on the amount of photos you receive, lenght of the shoot, and the number of outfits + locations you can have. Now there really is something for everyone, regardless of budget.


Go take a look at the new package options!! And if you are interested in setting up a session for this fall, send us an email at info@j-dphoto.com!

Category: News

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