About Us.

In 2013 Jada and David Parrish created J&D Photo LLC. Since then they have worked hard on building a photography service that provides great customer service, a friendly atmosphere, and timeless photographs. Click here to learn more about J&D Photo.

What is DUO by J&D Photo?

Duo by J&D Photo is tailored to meet our customers needs. We were tired of turning down potential clients because we were already booked, and we believe that everyone deserves quality photographs.

We noticed in hair salons the skill level ranges from master stylists to junior stylists and the price varies accordingly, but the high quality standards of the salon and customer service always rule. We are bringing this model into the wedding photography world.

All DUO photographers are trained by Jada + David Parrish. All photos are edited in our studio by our trained staff. You can expect the same exceptional quality, excellent customer service, and timeless photographs - just different friendly faces behind the camera. We are now able to accommodate a wider ranger of budgets and dates.

Do you want Jada & David to photograph your wedding day? Great, we would love to! Click here to see our pricing.