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Tag: Snow

Nala + Joey's Snow Day in RVA 2018
By Jada Parrish
We woke up this morning to a snow day! Nala + Joey get so excited when it snows. They stay out there for hours chasing each other and rolling in the snow! We took snow day photos last December for Joey's first snow storm ever. That was almost exactly one year ago, and things have definitely changed alot since then. He...
Best Winter Wedding Venues
By Catie-Reagan Palmore
Winter is truly the most romantic time of year, filled with warm drinks, cozy evenings, tasty treats, and festive decor. Most importantly, it is such an extraordinary season to have your wedding. Whether you are arranging a full on Christmas-themed day including twelve-foot trees, sleigh-rides, and mulled wine, or a fr...
Joey's First Snow Storm
By Jada Parrish
I kept hearing that there was a possibility of snow this weekend, and I honestly didn't believe it. I just expected some rain or slush at the most. I was shocked when big snowflakes started coming down hard Friday afternoon. I wasn't expecting Joey to experience snow first the first time until January or February when he'd...
RVA Snow Day 2016
By David Parrish
Isn't snow great!?! I love it! I get so excited whenever the weather changes. At least that is how I feel when it first starts.  As the hours ticked by and the snow fell and fell, I began to get super bored. I needed to step away from the Netflix machine and entertain myself. I convinced Jada to put on some make-up and...
Snowy Night Engagement Shoot in Richmond Virginia
By Jada Parrish
David and I have been wanting to do a photo shoot in the snow for quite a while, but it rarely snows in Richmond. When we heard the weather man predict snow in the forecast, we jumped at the opportunity. We decided to hold a contest on facebook for a free snowy engagement shoot. We asked couples to send us a facebook messag...