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Tag: Photography Tips

Best Lenses to Use For Family Portrait and Kids Photography
By Jada Parrish
Photographing kids is no easy task! They move constantly, and when they finally do that adorable thing you've been trying to get them to do for the past 15 minutes, you better be ready for it!! Having the right equipment definitely helps! Here are my go-to lenses when photographing kids, and why I use each one!   24...
Tips to Draw out Emotion in Clients and Take Better Photos
By Jada Parrish
Most people do not feel very comfortable in front of the camera. It can be a little intimidating and cause people to tense up. When you're photographing an engagement shoot that's the last thing you want! Learning how to make your clients feel at ease and relaxed in front of your camera is one the most important skills you ...
The Only Camera Equipment You Need
By David Parrish
There are some days in your life that are too amazing to forget. Booking our first wedding photo shoot is near the top of that list for me. Someone was taking a risk on us and it launched our photography career to the next level. We were so excited to get ready for this shoot however, I quickly realized that we did not have...