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Tag: Golden Retrievers

Happy National Puppy Day To My Two Favorite Pups
By Jada Parrish
Apparently today is National Puppy Day! I feel like we all could us a happy distraction. So here are some cute photos of our two crazy pups!                 ...
Nala + Joey's Snow Day in RVA 2018
By Jada Parrish
We woke up this morning to a snow day! Nala + Joey get so excited when it snows. They stay out there for hours chasing each other and rolling in the snow! We took snow day photos last December for Joey's first snow storm ever. That was almost exactly one year ago, and things have definitely changed alot since then. He...
Life With The Two Craziest Pups
By Jada Parrish
Never in a million years did I think I'd become a dog obsessed person. Growing up I was scared of dogs, but I did always have a thing for Comet from Full House. I secretly had always wanted a Golden Retriever because I thought he looked so cute and happy. Weirdly enough it turns out David had always wanted a golden to...
Liz + Kyle's Lake Anna Engagement Session
By Jada Parrish
So let me just start by saying, I'm pretty obsessed with this engagement session! With water views, Golden Retrievers, and a gorgeous couple what's not to love?!  Liz + Kyle totally let go and loosened up in front of the camera. They were laughing, exchanging kisses, smiling throughout the entire session. It probably ...