About Us.

Richmond Wedding

J&D Photography = Jada and David Parrish

We are an artistic couple who specialize in making all of life's special moments last a lifetime. We mesh our own creativity with the lives and personalities of our clients to create timeless photos.

We love to go on walks with our dog, cook all kinds of crazy foods, and just enjoy each other. It makes us so happy to be able to document such special moments with such wonderful people. We absolutely love what we do!

Check us out at work!

8 things we think you should know about us.

1. We love photography.

Since the beginning of our relationship, our common interest has always been photography. We spend much of our lives teaching each other and expanding our knowledge of our craft. We simply love taking photographs!

Jada Parrish

2. We are a married couple.

We have known each other since high school. We were friends in high school and then a few years after high school, we ran back into each other at Three Monkeys. The rest is history.

Jada and David Parrish

3. We are obsessed with our dog.

We have a Golden Retriever named Nala Bear Parrish. She is constantly making us smile and brings us so much happiness. Dogs are the best.

Nala Parrish

4. Canon is our favorite.

From our cameras to our lenses to our printers, Canon is our favorite brand. David is a giant gear-head, and he is constantly pushing to get the best equipment possible. We both get ridiculously excited every time we get a new piece of gear and cannot wait to use it.

JandD 5d

5. We have matching camera tattoos.

Right before we got married we decided to get little matching tattoos. Of course we picked cameras.

David Parrish

6. Our style is...

Our number one goal is to tell our client's story. We strive to capture raw intimate moments that truly reflect the day. Our second goal is to capture every photograph with our own eyes and creative twist. We document every occasion as it truly is without manipulating the natural feel. We want you to be able to look back at your photos 10 years from now and feel just as excited as you did the day we took them.

David Parrish

7. We shoot to print.

We take, edit, color correct, and print our own photos. All of the photos we take will be able to print beautifully at any size. Of course you will receive digital files, but we also offer a printing service so that your family can hang them on their walls for generations to come.


8. Our clients mean the world to us.

We love our clients and the community we are creating with them. We love that we have the privilege to be a part of so many people's lives and help tell their stories. There is nothing better than when our clients become our friends. We are so grateful to be able to do what we do.

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