Terms & Conditions of J&D Photo LLC

Last Updated September 15, 2013

Copyright //

All content, text, images or creative terms produced and created by J&D Photo LLC and/or it's staff are copyright and cannot be used anywhere else without our written permission. You, as the user, have NO permission to print, replicate, modify, digitally use, or display these images anywhere. We will grant permission to use our watermarked images upon request.

Our Website //

Any information found on our site is subject to change without notice. Any issues or errors within the site will be fixed as soon as they come to our attention.

License to Use //

All digital images purchased or included in your photo session are copyright by J&D Photo LLC and are the property of the photographer throughout the world. Any digital image purchased or included in your session will include a legally binding License to Use agreement indicating the allowed usage of the photos.

You may not alter the digital photographs in any way, including, but not limited to, post-processing, photoshopping or digitally altering the photograph in any way.

You are not allowed to sell or in any way use the images for profit without written consent from J&D Photo LLC. Any misuse of digital files will result in License to Use agreement being terminated and further legal action being pursued/considered.

Creative License //

J&D Photo LLC is allowed creative licensing in relation to styling, direction, pose guidance, total amount of images taken and retouching and post-procession style with any session.

Liability //

Although extra special care will be taken with your images captured at your session, J&D Photo LLC releases any liability for loss, damage, or failure to deliver images, for reason such as hard drive crash, data loss, uncontrollable circumstances etc. In the event that your photos are lost or irretrievable before your viewing/order we will offer you a re-shoot. J&D Photo LLC is not responsible for lost, mislaid or stolen property that may occur during photography session. Client agrees to not hold J&D Photo LLC liable for any loss, expense or injury arising from or in connection with the photography session with any person pursuant to the agreement.