Boudoir Client

Richmond Wedding

The first time I worked with Jada and David was actually when I accompanied my best friend to her boudoir shoot in May. Within thirty minutes of being there and watching them work I was already trying to decide when I was going to schedule my own. Boudoir shoots are obviously something that most people are nervous and anxious about, but when Jada and David walk you through it you have the best time!

The idea of a boudoir shoot was so foreign to me until I started working with Jada and looking through example shots. I always thought if I did one it would be something I did for my husband before our wedding. Then I started seeing the example shots and realized it was something I wanted to do for myself. I wanted to be able to look at the pictures and feel beautiful and sexy. Jada and David walked me through the entire thing and made sure I was looking my best the every second. They were so good about making sure my shoot was unique and different from others and encouraged me to try a couple poses of my own so it looked even more natural. They were constantly assuring me the pictures were looking great and gave me the confidence I needed to not only get through the shoot but to really enjoy it!

Jada and David made the entire environment feel like I was in the room with some of my best friends having a great time, yet the two of them communicated and orchestrated the entire shoot in such a professional and cohesive way. Watching them work together was great! You could tell the two of them were a team that knew how to find the perfect shot. It was incredibly impressive.

When I received all of my pictures from Jada and David a couple days after my shoot, I was so nervous to look at them. I made a friend of mine go through them with me for a second opinion. I loved every single one. It was the most amazing confidence boost to look at the beautiful pictures they had taken. Something I think every woman should have. After raving about the experience to my friend as we looked through the photographs, I quickly convinced her to do a shoot of her own. Of course her first choice was J+D! Can't wait to go with her and have a blast with Jada and David again!”