Destination Wedding Coverage | Mexico

Travel Details.

We will fly to Mexico two days before your wedding. This ensures that we will be there with no risk of travel delays. The price below is a flat rate. We will deal with booking our own flights, hotel room, and transportation.

Jada and David Parrish

On your wedding day, you will receive 8 hours of coverage with both David and Jada. Here is what you can expect your day to be like.

Before Your Ceremony:

We recommend that you have us begin documenting your day 3 hours before the start of your ceremony. We will photograph candid moments of you getting ready as well as posed portraits. Taking these photographs beforehand will help get you to your reception faster.

Jada will be with the bride photographing ...

  • Bride's dress & accessories
  • Bride getting ready
  • Bride with Bridesmaids

David will be with the groom photographing ...

  • Groom's accessories
  • Groom getting ready
  • Groom with Groomsmen
Jada and David Parrish

During Your Ceremony:

This is the most important part of your wedding day, and we know it! It is our goal to capture all of the important moments while being as nonintrusive as possible. You will hardly even know we are there!

Jada and David Parrish

Family Photos and Portraits:

Once your guests leave the ceremony and head to cocktail hour, we will begin taking family photos. You know, those photos where everyone stands next to each other and says "CHEESE"! We work as a team to pose and shoot these images as quickly and smoothly as possible. When we complete the family photos, we send your family off to the reception. We finish up by taking photos of the full wedding party as well as portraits of the two of you.

Jada and David Parrish

During Your Reception:

From your introduction to your send off and every moment in between, we will be documenting your reception. You can expect to receive images of your decor, food, dancing, speeches, guest smiling as groups, and very fun candids. We shoot the reception like we shoot your ceremony, and we try to be as nonintrusive as possible. It is our job to document the day as it unfolds. We want you be able to have fun while knowing you can look back and remember this important day through beautiful images.

Jada and David Parrish

After Your Wedding:

Once your wedding day is over we back up all of the photographs taken. Then the editing process begins. You can expect to receive ...

  • 800-1200 high resolution color images
  • Color corrected
  • Print-ready
  • Digital Downloads of Images
  • Online gallery of all images
  • Personal printing rights
Jada and David Parrish

Why should you bring your own photographer?

Wouldn’t it be easier to hire a wedding photographer who is already located at the locations of my wedding? Not necessarily. Your wedding is only going to happen once, and you want to be sure you have gorgeous wedding photos to look back on and remember the day. That's why it's so important to hire a photographer you know and love - not someone the resort simply recommends. Typically hiring photographers from your wedding location or through the resort is riskier in terms of receiving your images. It is not only harder to coordinate with them about the details of your wedding day but often they also lack the experience.

The Investment:


A $3,200.00 deposit with a signed contract is required to save your date.

send us an email to set up a meeting.

Destination Wedding Add-Ons
  • 3 Hour Rehearsal Dinner - $1,500
  • Videography - 4hr Coverage - $6,000
  • Videography - 6hr Coverage - $7,000
  • Videography - 8hr Coverage - $8,000

Updated 10.09.16